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Complete the missions, get creative and
keep on moving this Summer!

Our Approach

Move Crew is a programme developed in partnership with teachers, elite athletes, kids and coaches. Each mission is designed to help kids unlock their 60 minutes of daily recommended activity merging creativity and skills. Ready to join Nike Move Crew?

These missions were originally created as part of a weekly programme, but you can take on any mission in any order you like.

There are 8 Move Crew themes to explore. Select one to see the missions available.  Let’s go!

Theme 1

The Power of Team with Dina Asher-Smith

It’s all about collective energy, because when we move as a team, we’re super-powered.

Theme 2

The Need for Speed with Charlotte Purdue

We’re moving FAST. We’re combining speed and skill to make you the ultimate mover.

Theme 3

Head in the Game with Hollie Arnold

We’re acting cool and calm under pressure. Stay strong and focused.

Theme 4

Creativity Counts with John McAvoy

We’re being creative to get your heart pumping and mind racing.

Theme 5

Partner Up with Sasha & Kadeen Corbin

Get ready to work together or sometimes against each other. Team work makes the dream work.

Theme 6

Find your Focus with Niamh Emerson

We’re focusing your mind! We’ll get you moving towards the goals you want to achieve.

Theme 7

Pure Power with Siobhan-Marie O’Connor

We’re building up your power! We’ll get those muscles pumped to make you stronger than ever.

Theme 8

Stop at Nothing with Jonathan Joseph

We’re working on resilience by testing your ability to keep moving.