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Are you ready to show us your moves?
Come back every morning for a new mission.

Our Approach

Move Crew is a programme developed with the expertise of teachers and physical activity specialists, elite athletes, kids and coaches. Each mission is designed to help kids unlock their 60 minutes of daily recommended activity. So, join the #nikemovecrew

This week we’re partnering up! Get ready to work together or sometimes against each other to become epic movers.

Sasha & Kadeen Corbin are here to motivate you for this week’s Move Crew missions. This week we’re partnering up to make you epic movers.

Naomi Heffernan

Nike Trainer Naomi is also a Barry’s trainer, yoga teacher, occasional actor and ‘mother’ to the cutest cat and dog.

Ashanti & Ashley Akpan

Chelsea U16’s players and slick YouTubers - Nike ambassadors Ashanti & Ashley’s mad skills will do the demos for this week’s Move Crew missions.

Sasha & Kadeen Corbin

England International and Saracens Mavericks netball players, Sasha and Kadeen are here to motivate us to partner up and move together.

Samuel Asokar

Active School Hero and PE Lead. Samuel loves to use digital tech to keep kids active.

Solo Sessions

Sasha & Kadeen head up Solo Sessions, focusing on getting more young people involved in netball and supporting with classes of solo exercises to make your overall performance stronger.