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Are you ready to show us your moves?
Come back every morning for a new mission.

Our Approach

Move Crew is a programme developed with the expertise of teachers and physical activity specialists, elite athletes, kids and coaches. Each mission is designed to help kids unlock their 60 minutes of daily recommended activity. So, join the #nikemovecrew

This week we’re moving FAST. We’re combing speed with skill to make you the ultimate mover.

Nike Athlete Charlotte Purdue is here to motivate you for this week’s Move Crew missions. This week is all about speed and skill to make you the ultimate mover.

Charlotte Purdue

Relentless and rapid, Nike Athlete Charlotte is here to motivate us to get moving this week.

Tekkerz kid

AKA Lorenzo Greer. His YouTube channel is huge & he has mad football skills. You’ll love his demos for this week’s Move Crew missions.

Vicky Bull

Vicky’s an Active School Hero, PE specialist and football coach.

Courtney Fearon

Nike Trainer Courtney’s all about making movement a movement.

Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders are here to use the power of football to educate and inspire.